About Us

La brise was founded on the idea to pursue something from the heart and ultimately do what we love. We are based in Marseille, France and operate worldwide from our flagship store and Art gallery located in the heart of the city.

Our concept revolves around the notion of ephemerality and movement through temporary events, exclusive and limited collections as well as hard to find quality products.

The name itself, "the breeze" in French, was chosen to embody that principle inherent to our approach. A subtle and fresh wind washing away the old and bringing the new. 

What do we do?

We basically try to bring you the best possible deals for the coolest stuff out there.

What we carry is gender neutral and timeless. We believe gender no longer dictates the way people dress. We disregard what's in season, "la mode" or any similar subjective limitations. We see every product for what it is, regardless if it came out yesterday or 20 years ago. Once cool, always cool. 

We carry one-of-a-kind pieces and limited stock from quality brands. We source from all over the world, thanks to our network of fellow enthusiasts sending in the coolest pieces they can get their hands on.  Our main focus is clothing but you will be able to find jewelry, works of art, homeware, books, prints, and everything in between. No stone is left unturned, tradeshows, showrooms, galleries, stores, attic sales, auctions, we dig deep and bring back nothing but the best. 

Everything will be posted within what we call "drops". They will often be themed but won't follow any specific schedule or pattern. Think of our store as a perpetually changing treasure chest, only difference, we're easy to find.

Thank you and please, feel free to get in touch with us here, info@atelierlabrise.com

* *
Everything we sell is authentic to the best of our knowledge. Every product is heavily scrutinized for possible flaws before 
receiving a deep cleaning if needed.

Here's a breakdown of our condition lingo, 

"New" and "New with tags"  - Speaks for itself.
"Flawless" - May or may not have been worn but there are no flaws whatsoever.
"Good" - Probably worn, been stocked improperly or show light signs of wear.
"For creative purposes" - A product too damaged as is but perfect for altering and creative endeavors.